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Napier deserves to be reelected sheriff

Although the Arizona Constitution requires candidates to run on a party ticket, the job of sheriff is strictly nonpartisan. In law enforcement, honesty, integrity, experience and professionalism are critical qualifications, not partisan party politics. As county attorney, I have endorsed and will vote for Sheriff Mark Napier because he exemplifies and practices these core values.

It's unfortunate that the campaign for sheriff has been inundated with negativity and false statements designed to mislead us into erroneously believing the department is mismanaged. Nothing could be further from the truth. Napier has clearly demonstrated an ability to lead a professional, efficient and wellmanaged department.

As just one example among many, when Napier first took office, his predecessor left him with a $7 million dollar budget deficit, which Napier eradicated and turned into a $2.5 million dollar surplus. Sheriff Mark Napier deserves to be reelected.

Barbara LaWall, Pima County Attorney


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