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Walden Grove's Lopez twins have that special connection

By Norma Gonzalez


The relationship between a quarterback and a receiver is special. They must be on the same page, capable of communicating silently and anticipating each other's movements. A quick nod at the line of scrimmage can change a game.

At Walden Grove, a quarterback and receiver are especially close. Alex and Jordan Lopez are fraternal twin brothers who have the Red Wolves off to a sizzling start. Walden Grove is 5-2 heading into Friday's game against Pueblo.

'They certainly have a connection,' Walden Grove coach Corey Noble said. 'It's funny: You know, there's a lot of times where you can tell that they just kind of know what the other one's thinking or going to do without even having to communicate.'

'They definitely work really, really well together.'

Alex Lopez ranks eighth among Class 4A players in total yards (1,564 yards) and 10th in passing (1,081 yards). Jordan's 466 receiving yards rank 12th among 4A players. And save the 'Parent Trap' jokes - Noble is a twin himself, something that gives him extra insight into his two star players.

Alex and Jordan started playing football at a young age. They've always played the same position Alex at quarterback and Jordan at wide receiver.

Jordan is listed at 6 feet 1 inch, making him a full inch taller than his brother. The two weigh the same 190 pounds.

Both were promoted to varsity last year, but didn't see much action. Alex completed 4 of 5 passes for 70 yards and a touchdown as the backup quarterback, and Jordan caught 12 balls for 209 yards and four scores while dealing with a broken hand.

Both players worked hard on their durability during the offseason. They each added 25 pounds to prepare for their junior season.

'We knew we had to get bigger in order to go to college and, this year, to take up the beating we were going to take,' Alex Lopez said. 'We had to get bigger and stronger.'

The brothers' connection- twintuition? - is strengthened by the fact that they do just about everything together. Alex and Jordan have no other siblings. When their mom makes a quick trip to the store, they both go.

'We're barely apart from each other,' Alex said.

While the twins are still very much focused on this season and are hoping to make a run through the playoffs, they're also looking ahead. Both want to play in college, and there's a strong possibility they'll end up at different schools.

'Say we do get the same college offer, it's going to be nice to play (together), but if we have multiple ones, then we're going to whichever one gives us the best (offer),' Jordan said. 'We're going for our future. That's what counts.'

Alex and Jordan still have the rest of this season and their entire senior year ahead of them. The future, for now, can wait.

'I've said to multiple people, it's the greatest thing on earth to play with your brother,' Jordan said.

'To always have him on your side and every play you look at him and think, 'That's my brother.''

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Twin brothers Alex, left, and Jordan Lopez have helped Walden Grove to a 5-2 record and hope to get into the playoffs. Alex, at quarterback, and Jordan, a wide receiver, have played the same positions since starting the game as kids.


'They definitely work really, really well together,' Walden Grove coach Corey Noble says of Alex, left, and Jordan.

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